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If you’re a sexy bottom men, then you are going to love this college sex video, the chick fucking in here has got perfect peachy ass just made for some hot dorm sex video. Whether or not she knew there’s a camera behind her is irrelevant, only important thing is that this babe can ride a cock like none of the other college girls we’ve had the chance to see in these amateur dorm sex videos, she’s top class booty shaker and there’s no doubt about that.

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This dorm sex video features a cute long haired blond that looks like she knows how to make a man have some good times. This time she’s got her hands… No, make that her lips on a guy she met at the club during the evening, he bought her a few drinks and she let him take her home and introduce her to other college girls he’s got in his apartment before letting her undress and drop down on her knees to suck cock.

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It’s been a while since the local college saw a pair of sluts as eager to please as these two, but they have enrolled recently and started setting new standards for dorm sex adventures. After several drinks these chicks dragged their fuck buddy outdoors to enjoy the thrill of public sex in a college full of people, and they did it in broad daylight, not at some point when there’s not enough people to see them in action.

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The dorm sex videos have been getting really hot lately, this time the babe was not shy at all of spreading her legs as wide apart as they would go in the haste to get her pussy the attention she’s itching for. Long legs, perfect rack, this is one of the hottest college girls we got to spread her legs for the dorm sex video, and she fucked like a pro whore, even with being an amateur college chick, she even got the guy to cum all over her stomach in the end.

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The college memories are great, especially when you open your secret files and get out videos of the hot dorm sex with horny babes. Here’s one of those leaked college sex videos where one sexy brunette with great tits takes on two guys at the same time. She’s got one of them ravage her pussy and toy with her big natural tits while the other one gives her a cock she can suck on as much as she wants to.

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